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Biography of Dr. Kam Chung Li

Chairman of the World Hakka Business Association

Dr. Kamchung Li , the founder and current chairman of the World Hakka Business Association, is the fifth generation of Indonesian-Hakka returning overseas Chinese, holder of bachelor degree and honorary doctor of philosophy.  He left Indonesia and his parents returning to China with a longing and loves for the motherland and continued his study in China.

He is chairman of the board of directors of many companies, including Jin Xin Group Ltd., Seven Star International Holding Inc., Maxempire International Holdings Ltd. and Sky Star International Petrochemical Ltd., etc. He also occupies several important social positions, including, Member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Executive Vice-President of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Executive Director of the China Overseas Exchange Association, Member of the Standing Committee of the Eighth, Ninth & Tenth Hanan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC and Convener and Deputy Executive Director of the HKCPPCC (Provincial) Members Association.

Dr. Li is also the Founding President of the Hong Kong Hepatitis B Free Foundation who has held many charity activities for the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B in Hong Kong which benefits many people.  He is also President of the Eastern District Junior Police Call Honorary President Council, financially supporting members of Junior Police call to participate summer camps and also Hong Kong Police Force to participate international campaigns.  As the President of the Hong Kong Eastern District Fire Safety Ambassador Honorary President Association, he actively involves in the promotion of fire safety and the selfless spirit and brave stories of fire fighters.  Nonetheless, he is the Permanent Honorary President of the Hong Kong Federation of the Overseas Chinese Associations.  Dr. Li put his passion in education by acting as the Chairman of the board of the Kaifeng University and Honorary Chairman of the Board of the NanYang Polytechnic University.  He holds position as economic advisors of many provincial or municipal governments, for instance, Henan Province, Liaoning Province and Maluku Province, Indonesia, etc.

Dr. Li came to Hong Kong in the early 1980s to start his business and has been involved in various industries and economic fields since then. Focusing on the needs of the country and people is his business philosophy. In the early stage of China's reform and opening up, in view of the country's lagging industrial technology and the shortage of foreign exchange, he looked for the most advanced technology in related fields for the upgrade and transformation of China’s light industry.

In early 1980s, he introduced the most advanced production technology of interior decoration materials from the United Kingdom to Dongguan which made Dongguan becoming the leading manufacturer of interior decoration materials both domestically and internationally.  These products not only provided luxurious decoration materials to domestic luxury hotels but also saved a lot of foreign exchanges expenses.  At the same time, Dongguan also exported these products to foreign countries generating foreign exchange earnings.  The product once occupied one-third of the sales market in Hong Kong,

Dr. Li also Introduced European Thomson color Television production technology to Nanjing Panda Television Factory, making it the first company to manufacture color television in China. He then Introduced advanced bio-engineering technology for Shenyang HongMei monosodium glutamate factory and Henan ZhouKou monosodium glutamate factory, which greatly saved raw materials, lowered the cost and improved the economic benefits.

He brought in fiber optic cable technology to China’s domestic post and telecommunications system, which solved the technical difficulties of long-distance river crossing, buried pressure and corrosion resistance, and simple and maintenance-free joints.

In his many years’ experience of business, he always cares about politics and the economic trend.  He has a unique vision and is good at seizing business opportunities. He works hard, which not only contributes to the country, but also accumulates wealth.

Due to his experience of living abroad, he deeply understands that the prosperity of the motherland is the solid backbone of overseas Chinese. If the country was not strong and powerful, overseas Chinese would had been bullied. He has always held a wish to serve the motherland, hoping to use his strength to contribute to the prosperity of the country, and hopes that the motherland will become stronger and stronger. When he achieved certain achievements in business, he put his time in charity works.  “Taking from society, giving back to society” is always his motto.

Dr. Li is the first foreign investor to invest in the impoverished Xiangcheng County, Henan Province in the early 90’s and also the first person to establish a joint venture with a local township enterprise. He established "JinXin Lotus Monosodium Glutamate Enterprise", "JInXin Lotus Feed Enterprise", and "JinXin Lotus Packing Factory" successively with ZhouKou Monosodium Glutamate Factory. He brought in advanced production technology and management methods.  In only a few years, he had created a development model of “Agriculture supports industry, industry reefed Agriculture” which greatly improved the local economic development and solved the unemployment problem of tens of thousands of local farmers and increased the speed of local economic development, increased the employment rate of farmers. The tax revenue of the local government even reached RMB100 million which greatly improved people’s living standard.  Xiangcheng County removed its infamous label of the poor country and upgraded to prefectural level city. His outstanding contributions were highly praised by the provincial government and local people. 

During his time in doing business in Henan, Dr. Li realized that Henan's education and investment environment was still in a backward state.  He took the initiative to donate funds to build the "XiangCheng School" for the local government and solve the problem of local students going to school. He also donated to build the "JinXin Project Hope School" for TangZhuang Town, XinXiang City, which dilemma of children's open-air classes. To help attract investment in TangZhuang Town, he donated money to build roads and bridges to divert traffic to improve the local investment environment.  He also donated to build a high standard guest house there. 

In early 1994, when Kaifeng University encountered difficulties, he was the first to reach out and help.  He donated RMB3million for the establishment of the JinSong Scholarship for Kaifeng University and helped the University to set up a board of directors. He invited people from the domestic business community and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Canada, and other philanthropists, to join the first board of directors in China’s colleges and universities which mobilized social education.  He called on enterprises to contribute money and worked together to help schools overcome difficulties. In order to encourage students to learn better and teachers to teach better, he also set up "Kaifeng University JinSong Scholarship" and "JinXin Lotus Scholarship", awarding outstanding teachers and students with bonuses every year. It has persisted for 27 years so far, with more than 5,000 students being awarded. The development of Kaifeng University has undergone a qualitative leap and has entered a prosperous orbit, becoming a flagship demonstration university in the field of education in China. 

During the building of the auditorium of the Kaifeng University, he donated millions of RMB for purchasing lighting and audio equipment. The government and school teachers and students in Kaifeng were greatly moved by his good deeds. The Auditorium has been named as "JinSong Auditorium" to recognize his contributions.  Over the years, the JinSong Scholarship has become the highest honor pursued by students of the university.

Nonetheless, he also donated to build the "Dao Meilan International Art School" in Yunnan Province, China and donated to build "JinSong Qiaoxin Primary School" in WuYuan County, Inner Mongolia. In North Town of Meizhou City, his hometown, he donated to build a JinSong Training Center to support the town and dedicate his love. When the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation decided to build the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum in Beijing, he took the lead in donating millions of dollars. He helped the reconstruction of the Pu'an Temple in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province, and donated funds to build the bridge connecting to the temple.  Pu'an Temple named the bridge after his name to commemorate his generosity.

In 2003, he helped Henan Province to bid for the 18th World Hakka Conference. In order to let Hakka all over the world know that their ancestral home is in Henan, he proposed to the Provincial Party Committee to build The World Hakka Cultural Center in Zhengzhou. The cultural center has received strong support from the Henan Provincial Government. The World Hakka Business Association and the Zhengzhou Municipal Government signed a donation contract during the 18th World Hakka Conference.  He donated 300 million RMB to build three pavilions of the World Hakka Cultural Center, casting a permanent monument for Hakka people around the world. It is used to promote the history and culture of Hakka, so that the Hakka people return to the ancestral ancestors with their offspring every year with full nostalgia and worship their ancestors.

The same as every Chinese, when the country encounters natural disasters, he always grieves and worries. In the disaster of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, he took the lead in donating money and materials for the reconstruction and rebuild of the Wenchuan.  For instance, he donated over 1 million RMB for the rebuild of Wenchuan middle school. 

During the explosion of SARS in 2003, he donated millions of dollars worthy emergency medical supplies to support the medical staff in the Beijing medical system to ensure their well-beings, which earned applauds from the Beijing office of the Union Nations.

Since the end of 2019, Covid-19 has been spreading all over the world leading to server shortage of protective medical supplies everywhere.  Dr. Li utilized his connection in every aspects to ensure fast and timely procurement, donating surgical masks to the Red Cross of Hainan Province, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, HuaQiao University, Jinan University and MeiXian county, his home town, etc.

Dr. Li is a modest, low-key, approachable, sincere, enthusiastic and helpful person who likes to make friends.  He has been connecting to many government agencies, economics, finance, business and industry in many countries, and friends all over the world. He has strong connections in various countries around the world, and this is his largest social capital. Therefore, he is welcomed and accepted by leaders, politicians in the political and business circles of many countries in leading the World Hakka Business Association in economic and trade activities, and opened up business and investment opportunities for members of the Association.

It is believed that under his leadership, the World Hakka Business Association will be more pragmatic and has tide connection with China. In nowadays complex and challenging economic environment, the Association provides a perform for members to unite and hold together to increase competitiveness making the Association a practical, innovative and energetic organization.

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