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Mr. Joe Lee attended the briefing conference of the Introduction of Election Manifesto

On 29 April 2022, The secretary general of the World Hakka Business Association Mr. Joe Lee , represented the Association to attend the briefing conference of the Introduction of Election Manifesto of "Starting a New Chapter for Hong Kong Together" for the 6th Chief Executive election of The HKSAR. He presented the suggestions on the political platform to the candidate Lee Ka-chiu on behalf of the Association.

During the briefing session, the only candidate of the  chief executive, Mr Lee Ka-chiu, proposed four political platforms: strengthening government governance capacity, accelerating housing and land production, comprehensively enhancing Hong Kong's competitiveness, caring for society and youth development. The four political platforms, each of them touches the heartstrings of every Hong Kong people. It brings Hong Kong people with new hope, new expectation of breakthrough in some toughest areas ,it releases the hope of Starting a New Chapter for Hong Kong, as the theme of the briefing conference says .

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